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is a low-carbonated fermented beverage based on tea, fruit extracts, flowers, berries. In production kombucha spraga we use bacterial culture grown at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
Kombucha Spraga
this is a functional drink that has a preventive and curative effect:
  • Promotes rehydration of the body with the joint action of carbohydrates and electrolytes
  • They improve the performance of muscles, providing them with energy 
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • A cocktail of biologically active substances and organic and inorganic acids nourish the cells of the large intestine and improve its functioning thanks to the probiotics and prebiotics of kombucha 
living probiotic
natural ingredients
contains vitamins
suitable for vegans
with juice
natural carbonation
low sugar
alcohol-free product
About us
spraga for the real and thirsty us

We take European standards to be successful globally.

The spraga brand is for connoisseurs of natural fermented drinks. For the real and thirsty us. And we are all different. Young as summer and old asautumn. Less wealthyand more demanding. Fans of sweet and fans of sour.

Our product is first and foremost people. Webelieve that the energy and healthiness of our products depend on the atmosphere and ambience at the manufacture.

Our team consists of technologists with specialized education and work experience in mass production with knowledge of processes and control systems. It`s all about professionals inspired by one common

about us
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