Our drinks are alive. Playful. Delicious. Life-giving. Sparkling! You should try it!
Thirst for freedom
Our team was united by a common value - the bet on freedom from junk food and the launch of the Eat Easy project. We started feeding Ukrainians in a simple and classy way, and then it became interesting whether we could give people a healthy and useful drink. A modern production was created according to high quality standards, and in a few years we became the ambassador and sales leader of kombucha in Ukraine. It was not so much about healthy food, but the birth of a brand about healthy drinks.
Thirst for life
Ukrainians once again demonstrate to the whole world a mad thirst for life, and we, as never before, are confident in our cause.
spraga is for connoisseurs of natural fermented drinks. For the real and thirsty us. And we are all different. Young as summer and old as autumn. Less wealthy and more demanding. Fans of sweet and fans of sour.
Our production
More than 1000 sq.m.
production facilities with individual technological equipment
the best quality raw materials, quality control at all stages of production
high sanitary and hygienic standards
  • Modern fermentation department with extractor, rinsing and labeling system, bottling and sealing line
  • All equipment is thoroughly cleaned with a CIP-sink using certified organic disinfectants
  • Manipulations with raw products are carried out non-contact in closed sterile containers
  • Each bottle undergoes non-contact rinsing and disinfection so that you can enjoy a delicious and safe product
  • We promote within our team the most responsible attitude to the control process of the finished product at all stages.
Quality standards
Our production process created with maximum responsibility to eliminate any possible pathogenic bacteria or excessive amount of yeast (and alcohol).
All production equipment undergoes thorough triple cleaning with the CIP- washing using the certified organic disinfectants. All manufacturing manipulations with raw-products are carried out contactless in closed sterile containers.

HACCP food safety system and ISO.

We take European standards to be successful globally.
Our people are professionals

Our product is first and foremost people. We believe that the energy and healthiness of our products depend on the atmosphere and ambience at the manufacture.
Our team consists of technologists with specialized education and work experience in mass production with knowledge of processes and control systems. It`s all about professionals inspired by one common idea.

our thirst for authenticity

Our mission is to promote the unique benefits and outstanding taste of light, wonderfully refreshing kombucha tea. We have undertaken to make kombucha widely available in Ukraine and Europe at an affordable price.

Our main values are high quality standards and careful care for the health of our customers.

As kombucha lovers, we learn to make it more relevant, attractive and interesting every day.

spraga drinks are alive. Playful. Delicious. Life-giving. Sparkling! They inspire us. We are sure that you will like it too. You just have to try!

Oleksandr Hubarenko

CEO Eat Easy
Where to buy Spraga
gas station
Producer “Eat Easy” Ltd.
Akademika Hlushkova, 12A, Kyiv, 03187 Ukraine
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